Ashley Nicole Monical / Music Video Gelevera Deresi

Ashley Nicole Monical – ‘Gelevera Deresi’ Music Movie

When Ashley Nicole Monical told her friend she would learn a Turkish song and play it at a Turkish festival in Dallas, she thought she was doing a favor for a friend. As it turns out, she was giving her music career a huge boost overseas.
While Ashley and her guitar player and bandmate in Twisted Hearts, Ian Lee (, who had learned the song with her, were rehearsing the song “Gelevera Deresi” prior to playing it at a festival in Dallas recently, a friend was secretly videotaping the rehearsal. He posted the video on Youtube ( ) and that is when things got crazy. Ashley began to be inundated with messages and friend requests on her facebook account from Turkish people all over the world. She was receiving messages in English and Turkish, and emails from important people in Turkey. The video was posted on the front page of the website of the biggest newspaper in Turkey, which has had over 400,000 page views. An artist always wants their videos to go “viral,” meaning friends pass them on to friends, and so on. But how many artists have had their videos go viral in Turkey, while living in San Marcos, Texas?



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